New Life is About to Begin..

This seems to be the first official blog post on wordpress 🙂


My student life is about to end. keep counting the days left, only quiz tomorrow and project (haven’t started) presentation on Saturday. Then the final exam on Monday and another day in the week later… and the end.


Only one thing remains, the senior project……….. no future ?


Come to the topic that i’d like to note down here. Now I just sent my resume to 2 company just for fun and experience, without any hope.

And it seems to be hopeless also.

1. Apply for IBMSD IT Trainee program offered by IBMSD (ibm solution delivery) and go there to take the exam (aptitude and english test) on Sat.5 Feb 2011.

today, one and a half week later, they contact me for an interview as the meaning that i pass the test even though i can’t make it in the aptitude test, why?

i google around and see many post about testing and interviewing at ibmsd, so there should be so many people experienced there. I will be the one expereincing this, haha

Generally, the first company that people select to apply for is the less desire, me too 😀

2. Apply for Software tester / IFDS Test Engineer at DSTi by sending my resume

one week later, they contact me and ask for a few question just like telling me that they have received my resume, they will look through it and contact me later, btw i can call him in case i have a question…

i have no question since i dont know anything – –

That’s it about my experiment. the next target could be thomson reuters and kimberly clerk, but i would prefer to do this after final exam or maybe after senior project is done if this stuff is so busy.


I guess that my next post will be about final exam or senior project or summary of my last semester ? depends on my availability and excitement.



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