Summer semester 3/2009

Summer session is going to end soon, very fast though…

I take all 3 summers available in my study life even though the faculty of scitech never open any subject in summer, but i can arrange the subject to be able to fit in the summer, wow..

Just want to track back to each summer semester…

  3-2007 & principle of management
 got a good friend in sci. man. but lose contact after the semester ended.
 the teacher in p.mgt is very good at teaching and looking, the content of the subject is not difficult. I had a lot of old knowledge about this subject before.

3-2008 Ethics
The subject is quite difficult with some strange vocabularies. Most of the contents are poems.  The exam will be very open-end question that let us tell about our own experience that could be related to the lesson. So different people has different experience and got different mark…
That semester i took only one subject but feel like i have no time anyway. My friend also took World civil in that semester in the evening section, and he got A easily. So i decided to take World civil evening section in next summer semester. I’ve to planned ahead for a year…

3-2009 World civil & Bus. law
Another lucky semester, even though the teacher of World Civil. is not the same as last semester, but this semester is very kind… or too kind ?
World civil class in evening section is quite interesting. i meet many new friends and most of the students here are international students. It should be a good chance to improve my English communication, but i find it so difficult to communicate. Too many different accent, some accent is hard, and some is very hard to understand… Sometimes i can understand less than half of the sentence or in a worse case, i cant recognize the whole sentence…
I also meet a Chinese friend which should be a good chance again for me to recover some Chinese skill, but the summer is too short, i would like to talk more to exchange about our languages. I hope that i can keep this friendship after the semester ends, just my hope anyway..

I would like to take photos of this class, but it may seem strange to my classmates, isn’t it ? So i’m  deciding… This may have to be only in my memory..  about these good days in study life.

Some of my good and bad memories may only be able to kept in form of text in this blog, however, it’s better than a blank page.

Bus. law also very lucky with a very kind and funny teacher. He (or she?) guarantees ‘A’ if we have a full attendant, haha. Mark allocation is given to 100% attendant. The exam is just for fun ?

One last thing about this summer, my senior project has been started. I hope that i could pass the year of exhausted study life, and also hope that my group members could realize themselves to work more harder and having more responsibilities. 🙂
This project is expected to end during this time in the next year… then i may abandon this blog again for a while by having only one blog per semester…

No…. i will try to write more to practice some writing, but it’s a time consuming process. This blog has taken me nearly an hour to finish, ahhh

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