About FEOT Examination

FEOT – Final English Oral Test

After finishing English 4 course, every student must take a FEOT test. The test aims at money of student. Opps! Ahhh, anyway, the test cost 600 Baht and must be taken within 1 year after finishing English 4.

If abac is short of budget, you might failed the test easily. Then abac get another 5-6k Baht from you. (i’m not sure about the figure). Moreover, if failed again and again, you may have to repeat the stupid English4 (even you’ve passed it!).

I finished English4 last semester (2/2008), but i’m not ready to take the feot this semester since my subjects in this semester is terribly tired. So much, so heavy, so exhausted. This is what computer science have to faced? Bad, very bad. (I’m going to complain about this semester in next entry)  My advisor told me that if this semester is hard, nex year is harder.  No sleep, work work work, so stressful.

Oh, this entry is about feot. i’m just get out of the way.

All of my friends who survive from English1 to English4 together have passed the test!! (Except the most intelligent one who got all ‘A’ said that he’s not ready.)

I planned to take FEOT next semester. (Definitely, it’s the last chance) Then I will prepare the story for the test and may post them in my space.

FEOT rules and description about the test is described in the photos.

Also with the test result of my friends. This page seems to have a lot of passed student.

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